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Bob Mullen

Bob Mullen is one of only 475 Master Teachers out of eighteen thousand teaching professionals associated with the United States Golf Teachers Federation. He has played golf since he was nine years old and has taught the game for nearly 25 years. He wrote his first book, Golf from the Ground Up, in 2009, and his second, Golf: Learn from the Legends, in 2019.

Always an athlete, Mullen earned eight varsity letters in college playing football, basketball and track and graduated with a BS in Physical Education. Immediately after college, he went into the Marine Corps and was highly decorated for his service in Vietnam as a 2nd Lt. Following his service, he worked in business for 25 years, during which time he completed the Owner Management Program at Harvard Business School. After a successful IPO of his plastics company he escaped to Steamboat, Colorado, to teach golf and skiing.

It was there that he began to tackle the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he suffered as a result of his experiences as a combat Veteran. Bob spent years learning how the brain processes and retains information. He learned that the brain was plastic and capable of making changes throughout life. Understanding the problem allowed Bob to face it head on and put the war behind him. This work also led to an understanding of how the brain learns and directs the coordination of motor skills, which he shares with the reader in Golf: Learn from the Legends.

He continues to stay in shape so he can, in his seventh decade, periodically challenge Colorado’s fourteeners. Today, Mullen teaches privately in Wichita,  Kansas.