Learn From The Legends

Along with brain education, the book presents fundamentals through the trusted time-tested teachings of those he considers the Seven Legends of Golf — Jones, Hogan, Palmer, Snead, Penick, Nicklaus, and Watson. Trust is paramount in learning and playing golf, and with this book the golfer now has the missing ingredient, how to “learn to learn.”

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Golf from the Ground Up

A New Focus on Fundamentals from a Master Teaching Pro

Groundbreaking studies show that the adult brain can learn only one new motor skill at a time. The golf swing is a series of fundamental motor skills, all simple to learn, but not easy to master or combine. Mastery of these fundamentals is the key to consistently good golf, round after round.

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Something’s Wrong Somewhere

Golf Teaching Pro Magazine

The year was 1975, and golfing legend Sam Snead had just read a Golf Digest report on the average score of the male golfer; he was dismayed to learn it was 100. He considered all the improvements he had witnessed over the years in equipment, course maintenance and availability of instruction, and concluded there was no reason the average golfer should be scoring that high…

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